My First Post !


Hi !! This is my first post !! Yayy !! Ideally the first post should be a food post but I had so much going on in my head that I decided I will just talk. Yes, what do you do when you meet someone for the first time? You talk about yourself and you try to know them, right? I am just going to talk, talk and talk. Please drop in a message as I would love to know you too !! I have lost count as to how many times I must have logged in to my account in the last 15 days staring at the laptop screen thinking what to write in my first post. I would stare, think, stare and log out postponing the work for the next day. So one fine day, a friend who knows about this blog asked me if I am ever going to start working on it. That is when I said to myself, “Enough of delaying the work and just start”. I wrote ONE line. Fast forward to three days, I wrote the SECOND line. Did you just expect me to finish the post that day itself? Oh my god! Are […]

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