Rice Kheer for the festive occasion


The longest dance festival is over and most of us have not got over the hangover of the nine nights of Navratri. I have been moving around the house like a zombie, sleeping, eating, wondering what to do and sleeping. That is all I have been doing since last two days and now I am struggling to write this post. I am unable to put in words the madness of those nine nights, trust me it can only be experienced. The day starts with deciding the place which leads to countless messages on whatsapp discussing the availability of the passes, the dress code, time to reach the venue and everything apart from that. You are glued to the mobile whole day fearing┬áthat you do not miss any important piece of information, which rarely happens, charging the phone every few hours and your mom is super pissed with you for being so useless in life. By any chance if you are like me who realizes at the last minute that there are┬áno clothes to wear then you can imagine the chaos. I am scratching my head, pulling my hair and howling as to what to wear while I get calls from […]

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