Okra Curry/Ladyfinger Curry/Bende koddel


Okra, also known as bhindi, ladyfinger and Bende in kannada, is used in preparing curry as well. It is a popular curry made in Udupi which is my native place. The summer vacation visits to Udupi were always awaited because it introduced me to a different world of food and I started developed a liking for it. Grandma’s kitchen was where all the magic happened. Different types of curries, chutneys, rice and payasams were relished by us kids and more importantly it was the love that enhanced the taste of every dish. South Indian cuisine is one of my favorites, not because I belong to that place but the warmth, love and satisfaction experienced upon eating each morsel of hot steaming rice and sambhar with your hands cannot be expressed, only experienced. Food does wonders and having this hot steaming rice with bende koddel/ Okra curry will definitely make you happy. Meals like these are my favorite any day of the year.  I use sambhar powder, specially made in Udupi, which makes this curry all the more delicious. If you do not have this udupi sambhar masala then you can use whichever is available. Also without sambhar masala this curry still tastes good. […]

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