Welcome to The Cooking Soul !

My name is Pavana Bhat and apart from cooking I love to sleep and daydream. I can keep myself busy all day doing nothing ! If you find no regular posts on the blog, you know where I am busy, right?! You can always leave a message here and shake me up to the real world.

I come from the world of Biochemistry and have been learning all my life about the human body mechanisms, TCA cycle, DNA replication, transcription, translation and all other interesting things because of which we exist on this planet earth. I was and am still fascinated by science. I have big dreams which I have no clue how to make them come true. They say “The universe listens” and I believe it. So yes, I have a philosopher within me who never sleeps. I also have a poet within me who writes poetry, an artist who sketches and dancer who dances. To be more precise I have a soul that never rests and wants to accomplish as many things possible because all we have is one life and you want to make the most of it. When we have the potential to do so many things then why limit yourself.

I love to cook, eat and then complain about the clothes getting fitter. I resolve to start eating healthy and in an hour you will find me eating cheesecake. Hence I have given up on dieting. You will find all kind of recipes here-healthy, cheesy, delicious breakfast bowls, indian meals, italian, mexican, desserts, cakes, chocolates etc- because that represents my journey and everyday relationship with food.  I am a self taught cook and I have inherited the genes from my mother who is an amazing cook herself. I get these hunger pangs which have to be satiated instantly hence most of the recipes here are very simple and quick to recreate. I am also learning the art of food styling & food photography myself and the world of Instagram inspires me to understand the art & get better everyday. Yes, I am on Instgram as The cooking soul, please don’t forget to visit me there. Also, I am new to this blogging world, taking baby steps and scared too but I am hopeful that I will survive.

I cannot explain in words how much I enjoy cooking, photographing the food and feeding my family & friends. The smile on their face when they eat the food cooked by me gives immense joy and it makes me realize why I am here. I am here to spread smiles, joy and love, I choose to do it through my love for food. I am all excited to share my food stories because if it makes me happy then why not share it. I really hope you will enjoy this journey with me and help me create many more beautiful memories with you.